Hi-tech plastic molds

The handcrafted care of a small business, the productive power of a large enterprise.

Our products

  • Multi-cavity molds

  • Molds for thermoplastics using 2 or 3 different plastic materials/components

  • Gas assisted molds

  • Molds in 2 or 3 different colors

  • Moulds made of special steels for recycled materials molding

Mold engineering

Officine Drag develops innovative molds for plastic products with design methodology and creativity, for industrial production in any industry sector.

Mold test

To guarantee to each customer the quality of the designed and manufactured mold and to finalize the production process, we perform the mould test service through all the necessary tests to verify the efficiency and functionality of the mold.


In case of need, we are able to realize sampling and small productions pre-series of the products for which our molds have been designed.

The technology

Our medium-sized machines can produce molds up to 20 tons with precision hand finishing.






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Made in Italy

All phases of the project are directly followed by Officine Drag, from all design characteristics analysis, that define the product, to the project consulting and development, from the mold manufacturing to the mold testing at site.

Know how

Listening to the requirements, understanding of needs and expectations, along with competence and attention to technological development, allow the Officine Drag staff to face any professional challenge.

High technology

Officine Drag is a brilliant reality where small industry combines innovation and flexibility, becoming a reference point for many domestic and foreign companies.