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The Industry 4.0, it has already entered in our sector, but not all of our competitors took this opportunity.  Indeed, only 50% of companies have started this growth process (Laboratory RISE, University of Brescia, 2018). Officine Drag strongly believes in development of new technologies, and for this reason Officine Drag decided apply for Industry 4.0. It is not a surprise that manufacture generates 15,2% of value  added into Italy (ISTAT, 2017) for company development, this is key element.

Officine Drag improves and speeds up its own production and machinery interconnected with the software.  Doing so, a worker is able to receive immediately the information concerning the working process, moreover to update the process.

The Industry 4.0, allows Officine Drag to know precisely the number of working hours which were already finished, and the remaining hours until the end of the production process. All of that we mentioned is connected with GANTT.

The Technology

Machining centre  PAVENTA SPEED 1200

CNC Selca 3045D
Travels: x1200, y600, z600
Electrospindle 16000 g/min

Milling machine SACHMAN T10

CNC Selca 3045D
Travels: x2000, y850, z800
Spindle 4000 g/min

Milling machine FPT LEM 93

CNC Selca 4045
Travels: x3000, y1200, z1500
Spindle 5000 g/min indexing head

Milling machne Vesta SKV

CNC travels: x1200, y500, z500
Spindle: 8000 g/min

Milling machine REMA CONTROL  LT5-25

CNC Heidenhain 640
Travels: x2500, y1000, z1000
Spindle 18000g/min

Machining centre  HERMLE C 650

CNC Heidenhain 640
Travels: x 1050, y900, z600 mm
Spindle 18000g/min

Milling machine DIGMA GC500

CNC Heidenhain
Travels: x500,  y500, z400
Spindle: 40000 g/min
Pallettizer electroes


Holes from 2 mm to 24 mm with a depth of 1050

Sinking EDM machine AGIE 200

Travels: x500, y350, z500

Sinking EDM machineCDM Rovella

Travels: x800, y490, z800
Tank 110 x 200

Micro-perforating CDM

For holes from D03 to D3 mm, up to a depth of 350mm

Welding machine plasma  tech

Micro GAP 50 DC

Radial drill Bergonsi

Radial drill Novisa

Lathe Padovani

Lathe Momac SM 225×1000

Lathe Tovalieri

Milling machine Itama FV15/20/40 VS

Tangential rectification Jones & Shipman

Tangential rectification ALPA RTL 1000

Cylindrical grinding Jones & Shipman

Press TOYO 280 TON

Overhead crane 50 q

Overhead crane 100 q

Technical office:

Workstations CIMATRON 14

Workstation CAD CATIA V5 R17

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