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62019 Recanati (MC)

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Officine Drag is working more than 20 years in the sector of injection mould for plastic items and from 2012 there is a new corporate structure. The company focalize its activity not only for growth but also to maintain “handcraft”. Handcraft means the attention to the production of details, choice quality of raw materials, research, experiment, and development moreover the flexibility and ability to satisfy the customer needs. The key elements of success are: design, customer satisfaction, and control of production.

Officine Drag was born in 2012 when Handcraft met the industrial technology. Thanks to the team work and coordination, company is able to have positive growth and expansion towards the new geographic markets.

Where we are

Our company is located in the center of “Le Marche”, a region with a rich history and at the same time very modern and innovative; an “open to change” region that at the same time is linked to its values and traditions, from which it continues to draw new inspiration; a region that is the land in Italy where you live longer; thanks to the quality of life and environment; a region where the historical connection between culture and “civilization of the making”, art and intelligence, creatives and artisans, have made the “Made in Marche” a globally recognized system.